how to plant lavender

My soil is clay as I live in the hills of Chattanooga, TN. ", put it in a pot and grow it from there. In a container, prepare a well-draining soil mix by combining gravel or sand with soil. Also, make sure you use well-draining soil when planting lavender. Just before you plant the lavender, remove it gently from its pot and shake the soil from the roots. The flowers themselves are small, sometimes bud-like but open and full on others, and they grow up the spiky stems. ", articles step-by-step instructions and illustrations was so helpful. The, "I found out how to put my lavender in the ground. If you are growing lavender in a Northern climate, you will water the plant. Planting Lavender in full sun which is very important. Consider planting your lavender in places that have good southwestern exposure, or on the sides of slopes or banks. Prepare your soil with organic matter like compost and sheep pellets. The Best Time to Plant Lavender. "Your site probably just saved my lavender plants life! Fill with a John Innes no. Next time I plant lavender, I will do that. Lavender is a Mediterranean herb, so it thrives in hot, sunny locations. "I killed some lavender plants last year. Thank you! Got info on soil, moisture, and depth. By using our site, you agree to our. Considered to be a short day plant, it will shift into its flowering mode as days become shorter and its growth will taper off as temperatures get warmer and days get longer. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. Be sure to sterilize all gardening tools with disinfectant, chlorine bleach, or isopropyl alcohol to stop the spread of the virus, too. Store the bag with the seeds in the refrigerator, leaving it there for at least 3 weeks. Everything you need to know about choosing the right lavender for you. Don’t fertilize; it's not necessary. The soil required by a lavender plant … Aphids can spread a virus known as the Alfalfa mosaic virus which affects growth and blooming of the plant. This article received 67 testimonials and 99% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. Now I know it's, "Useful to know that my failures are possibly altitude effect. Favorite varieties include "Grosso," "Provence," "Royal Purple," "Gray Lady," and "Hidcote.". I'm in an apartment so I wanted to, "I love your site! In fact, it is grown in hedges as a way of farming it for the flowers.. Next, you will want to make a hole approximately 3 inches deep (about the size of your lavender plant at this point). Give it a try! Very helpful. Picture Credit: This just causes the flowers to fall off faster and makes the stems mushy. It needs full sun and well-draining soil. ", great article. Does Lavender Make Good Hedges? While it is possible to grow lavender from seeds, this is not recommended as the seeds require scarification and chilling and can take nearly a month to germinate. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Easy to grow and easy to appreciate, lavender (Lavandula) is a welcome addition to any garden, with its beautiful flowers and wonderful aroma. Plant lavender in a container made from a material that breathes, such as terra cotta. Thank you very much! If all or most of the blooms have opened on the lavender plant, then it is too late to harvest for herbal purposes. Super. Easy to follow and great tips for the care of lavender. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. Lavender is a sun worshiper and appreciates full sun in areas with good air circulation. Plant lavender with other drought-tolerant plants. A 12-16 in. My area is hot and humid for lengthy periods of the year, and I needed information on how this might be combated. This will guarantee good air circulation and allow the lavender space to grow. Truly, your best bet is to have it in a container that can be moved around in order to ensure it is in the right spot, especially if there is heavy or monsoonal rain.

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