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Considered the artist’s “greatest triumph,” the oversized four-volume set that contains 435 hand-colored prints of his watercolor drawings, published at great personal expense between 1827 and 1838, is the kind of rare book owned only by institutions and One Percenters. As he wrote of the Louisville store, “I could not bear to give the attention required by my business, and which, indeed, every business calls for, and, therefore, my business abandoned me. Spread the word. Fries, Waldemar H. The Double Elephant Folio. … We hunted together, and obtained birds which he had never before seen; but, reader, I did not subscribe to his work, for, even at that time, my collection was greater than his.”, Alexander Wilson, who is still remembered as one of the pioneers of American ornithological study, never wrote of meeting Audubon—not unusual, perhaps, since he died in 1813, long before the younger man’s work had become well known. We have some options. He was also an astute businessman. Can This Critically Endangered Bird Survive Australia's New Climate Reality? The amount is within the $8-12 million range the book was estimated to sell for and roughly $2 million shy of the record amount paid for an Audubon folio. Are the Trump Administration's Environmental Rollbacks Built to Last? … this was what I Shall ever call my first attempt at Drawing actually from Nature, for then Even the eye of the Kings fisher was as if full of Life before me whenever I pressed its Lids aside with a finger.”, Audubon made modifications and improvements to his wiring scheme – he adopted uniform grids behind his tableaux and on his drawing paper to assist him in depicting proportions—but this became his standard protocol for the original drawings that were the basis for The Birds of America. The year-long return to Nantes was not without advantage to Audubon, however; while there he met the young Charles-Marie D’Orbigny, his family’s doctor and a gifted ornithologist, who did much to school Audubon in taxidermy, and in a more scientific way of approaching and cataloguing his subjects. New York, 2004, Rhodes, Richard, ed. Within a couple of months a prospectus for the work appeared, the first subscribers were signed up (a hundred would be secured by the end of 1827), and work was well underway on the first five plates: the cock wild turkey, the yellow-billed Cuckoo, the prothonotary Warbler, the purple finch, and the Canada warbler. Audubon’s move may have been prompted partially by his failure to qualify for naval officer training, but it was more likely a ploy to avoid conscription into Napoleon’s army. Price $1,975.00. Endangered Whooping Cranes winter nearby—possibly at Powderhorn Ranch in the future—and migrant birds stop to rest in its wetlands and woodlands after they cross the Gulf of Mexico. But his life now had but a single purpose: in 1823 he recorded in his journal that “I have finally determined to break through all the binds and pursue my ornithological pursuits. Photo: Howard Arndt/Audubon Photography Awards, Great Egret. Becker, who has personally handled six copies of Audubon’s Birds during his career, says it has been “incredibly rewarding” to work with this one considering the foundation’s plan for the proceeds of the forthcoming sale. New York: J. Bien, 1860. We protect birds and the places they need. He travelled on a passport that Anglicized to John James and identified him as “a native of Louisiana.” Life at Mill Grove allowed Audubon to return to the pursuits of his boyhood: “Its fine woodlands, its extensive fields, its hills crowned with evergreens, offered many subjects to my pencil. But, as Audubon freely admitted in the autobiographical reminiscence he wrote for his sons, the mercantile business did not suit him. The boy was initially cared for by another of Captain Audubon’s mistresses, but with the threat of a slave revolt making Saint-Domingue increasingly unstable, he sent his son and one of his daughters, Rose Bouffard, to live with his wife, Anne Moynet Audubon, in Nantes (another half-sister remained in Saint-Dominigue and was killed during the slave insurrection in 1791). The Border Wall Has Been 'Absolutely Devastating' for People and Wildlife, Rulers of the Upper Realm, Thunderbirds Are Powerful Native Spirits. Even Audubon witnessed dwindling species and habitat loss as early as the 1820s, which makes it apropos that a copy of his masterpiece will be sold to benefit conservation. In fact, Audubon was briefly incarcerated in debtors’ prison, but secured his release by declaring bankruptcy, after surrendering to his creditors all of his property save the clothes he was wearing, his rifle, and his portfolio of drawings. Mr Wilson now examined my drawings with care, asked if I should have any objections to lending him a few during his stay, to which I replied that I had none: he then bade me good morning, not, however, until I had made an arrangement to explore the woods in the vicinity along with him, and had promised to procure for him some birds, of which I had drawings in my collection, but which he had never seen. To his own sons, Audubon recalled that during his childhood “not an hour of leisure was spent elsewhere than in woods and fields, and to examine either the eggs, nest, young, or parents of any species constituted my delight.” In these hours of leisure, Audubon was frequently accompanied by this father, who, he recounts in Ornithological Biography, obtained specimens for him, taught him about “the departure and return of birds with the seasons, … their haunts, and, more wonderful than all, their change of livery. He asked me if it was my intention to publish, and when I answered in the negative, his surprise seemed to increase. He, however, immediately proceeded to disclose the object of his visit, which was to procure subscriptions for his work. Pumpkin Bird Feeder Makes a Happy Harvest For Birds, To Help Birds This Winter, Go Easy on Fall Yard Work, Learn to Identify Five Owls by Their Calls, A New Exhibit Puts a Modern Spin on the Renowned ‘Birds of America’ Paintings. Irmscher, Christoph, ed. My best friends regarded me as a madman, and my wife and family alone gave me encouragement. On June 14, one of the world’s most expensive books, John James Audubon’s double-elephant folio of The Birds of America, will go to auction in New York City. Estimate: $2,000 - $4,000. … I seldom passed a day without drawing a bird, or noting something respecting its habits, Rozier meantime attending the counter.”. While Audubon benefited from working with the Museum’s valuable collection of specimens, the panic of 1819 made it difficult for its proprietor, Dr. Daniel Drake, to meet his payroll, and in April 1820, he had to let Audubon go. Tell Congress to stop efforts to strip away critical protections in the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The estimated $8-12 million that it will take to win the coveted book will not, however, line the pockets of a well-heeled collector. England gave Audubon the acclaim and attention that the United States withheld. We explore the most likely options behind the mystery birds. George Ord, Wilson’s friend and editor, and Charles-Lucien Bonaparte, the ex-Emperor’s nephew who was at the time writing a supplement to Wilson’s earlier work, ensured that Audubon’s project was given a cool reception by the established and scientific and publishing communities in the United States. The complete set of Havell engravings is commonly known as the “Double Elephant” folio and/or The Havell Edition. Great Blue Heron, American Flamingo, and Wild Turkey are three of the most valuable prints of The Birds of America. Membership benefits include one year of Audubon magazine and the latest on birds and their habitats. In 1827 Audubon began to issue the prints from the first edition of his monumental The Birds of America, which when completed ran to a total of 435 double elephant folio prints. ISBN 10: 051753374X ISBN 13: 9780517533741. All the plates listed in this Havell edition gallery are full sheets (double elephant folio size) with the Whatman watermark, unless otherwise noted in the description. The Birds of America was immediately recognized as an extraordinary achievement and perhaps the greatest contribution ever made of art in the service of science. From The Birds of America. London, 2004. New York, 1988. “His surprise appeared great, as he told me he never had the most distant idea that any other individual than himself had been engaged in forming such a collection. While the second fascicle was being printed, the colorists who worked for Lizars—reproducing the palettes of “pattern plates” assembly-line style—went on strike. I rose, took down a large portfolio, laid it on the table, and shewed him, as I would shew you, kind reader, or any other person fond of such subjects, the whole of the contents, with the same patience with which he had shewn me his own engravings. He describes in “My Style of Drawing Birds” his first trying out of this method. (Although Audubon did not subscribe to Wilson’s work, he did own a copy. The watermarks of the first ten images identify this copy as one of the first Audubon received a subscription for. They will be brought up and finished in such superb style as to Eclipse all of the Kind in Existence, the price of each number is Two Guineas—and all Individuals have the privileges to subscribe for all or any portion of it … The Little Drawings in the center of these beautifull Large Sheets have a fine effect and an air of Richness & wealth that cannot but help ensure success in this Country—I cannot yet say that I will ultimately succeed, but at present all bears a better aspect than I ever expected to see. But it was more than that, Becker of Christie’s says: “Audubon was striking out into untouched landscape and recording the birds and the habitats as well. Shortly after settling into Mill Grove, Audubon fell in love with Lucy Bakewell, the daughter of his neighbor William Bakewell. Based on the advice of Lizars, Audubon decided to publish any description text separately from the plates in order to circumvent British copyright-deposit laws. It should be mentioned that the common names of the birds as indicated on this site are derived from the revised edition of Audubon’s Birds of America: The Audubon Society Baby Elephant Folio by John James Audubon and edited by Roger Tory Peterson and Virginia Marie Peterson (Abbeville Press: NY, 1990). The four-volume masterpiece could raise $8-12 million, potentially setting a record value for John James Audubon's crowning achievement. Rozier was no more fortunate than I, for he shipped a cargo of hams to the West Indies, and not more than one-fifth of the cost was returned.”, Undaunted, the pair formed a mercantile partnership and opened a general store in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1807. Amherst, Massachusetts, (2006), Hart-Davis. ... More about John J. Audubon and collecting Audubon prints. All untrimmed Audubon originals are one of only three sizes. Buy It Now. Mr Wilson asked me if I had many drawings of birds. Sold for $5,100. For the next eleven years, Havell and company engraved, printed, and colored the plates for The Birds of America, many of which incorporated landscape and botanical backgrounds drawn by Havell himself. In 1819 Audubon found employment with Western Museum Society in Cincinnati, not as an artist but as a taxidermist, no doubt employing the skills he learned from D’Orbigny in France all those years before. or Best Offer. “The book has only effectively had one owner until Carl Knobloch,” says Sven Becker, head of books and manuscripts at Christie’s in New York, “and that was the dukes of Portland.” The 4th Duke bought the book in 1838 or 1839, soon after its publication; it remained shelved in the family’s Nottinghamshire estate until 2012. Soon after his arrival, he exhibited 250 paintings at the Royal Institution at Liverpool, with similar subsequent exhibitions in Manchester and Edinburgh. Audubon’s plan was to issue 80 parts or fascicles, each containing images of five birds: one large, one of medium size, and three small species. While back in France, Audubon also became acquainted with Ferdinand Rozier, who returned with him to the United States. Description: Long-tailed or Dusky Grous, Plate 361. by Peterson, Roger Tory and Virginia Marie Peterson Seller James & Mary Laurie Booksellers (A.B.A.A.) As for his painting, he captured so many new subjects that The Birds of America was eventually extended to 87 parts totaling 435 engraved plates, many of which depicted more than one species. Knobloch was, according to his nephew, an inveterate investor, and he purchased The Birds of America “as an investment for the foundation,” which is now being realized. John James Audubon: Crazy, Wrong, or Neither? T he original edition of the Birds of America is known as the Double Elephant folio. 122 watchers. While supervising the work—or leaving his son Victor to do so—Audubon made trips back to America to look for subscribers and—more significantly—to find and paint more birds. I tried various branches of commerce, but they all proved unprofitable, doubtless because my whole mind was ever filled with my passion for rambling and admiring those objects of nature from which alone I received the purest gratification.”. 1. This item: Audubon's Birds of America: The Audubon Society Baby Elephant Folio by John James Audubon Hardcover CDN$212.99 Only 2 left in stock. His backwoods persona was seen as exotic and exciting and he was welcomed by polite society and the scientific establishment alike. These engravings are the largest of the valuable Audubon prints and measure 39.5″ x … … Audubon is the greatest of bird painters; he belongs to American history, and as a writer he described things that human eyes will never see again.”. … It is not the Naturalists that I wish to please altogether I assure thee; it is the wealthy part of the community. There he took a soft board and sharpened pieces of wire and “pierced the body of the Fishing bird and fixed it onto the board—another Wire passed above his upper Mandible was made to hold the head in a pretty fair attitude, Smaller Skewers fixed the feet according to my notions, and even common pins came to my assistance in the placing the legs and feet.—the last Wire proved a delightful elevator to the Bird’s Tail and at Last there Stood before me the Mankin of a Kings Fisher! Lee Vedder reports that the Huntington Library owns a presentation copy of the first edition of American Ornithology, inscribed by Wilson to Audubon and with the latter’s holograph annotations. item 6 Audubon Society Audubon's Birds Of America Baby Elephant Folio 1981 - Audubon Society Audubon's Birds Of America Baby Elephant Folio 1981 $89.99 Free shipping John James Audubon: A Biography. With other paths closed to him, Audubon at this point resolved to pursue his passion and “Compleat a collection of the Birds of our Country, from Nature, all of Natural Size.” With Lucy contributing income as a teacher and governess, Audubon spent the next five years travelling thought the American Southeast studying and drawing birds—and, when necessarily, giving lessons in drawing, fencing, dancing, and French.

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