how to greet someone in arabic

Introduce yourself. How. Greeting people is important in Egyptian society just as in any other society in the world. The simplest greeting is ahlan (hello) or marHaban (hello; greetings). Ahlan wa sahlan (or simply Ahlan) – This is the equivalent of hello in English. It is a way in itself to greet somebody and is considered as humble, polite and a formal manner of greeting. FREE Brain Friendly Lesson Learning Pack, Instant PDF Download + YouTube Video. Marhaba is the simplest type of greeting that is used across the Arabic speaking world. For more help with the language, check out this basic Arabic language course. 2. This is one of the most heartwarming ways an Arab can greet you, … Marhaba is the ideal general greeting: it is soft to say and is considered to be polite and neutral. Hello (marHabā)“marHabā / مَرْحَبا ” is often the first greeting taught to foreigners when they are learning Lebanese Arabic, and it serves well in most everyday situations. The way people greet may vary depending on the time of day, occasion and kind of people. There are a few words or types of welcoming phrases in Arabic, depending on the person and situation. Hello – Salam – سلا٠It means, ‘And peace be to you too.’ 3 – Ahlan – Ahlan means ‘Hello’. The video provides the correct pronunciation and English translation for basic greeting and self-introduction questions and answers, with Start with a greeting. This can be used to greet anyone irrespective of the time of the day. It can be very formal or a casual, friendly greeting. Lebanese people very often casually address one another–even strangers–as ‘حبيبي,’ meaning “my darling.” For example, while it is completely normal to address someone as “Dear Mr. Mohamed” in English, addressing them with the direct Arabic translation of this, “عزيزي السيد محم” is unacceptable. Expectations of formal address differ significantly between the West and the Middle East. Below you’ll find a list of traditional greetings and other basic conversation starters, plus common ways to respond to them. How to greet someone in Arabic. Learn Basic Arabic Conversation. Egyptians, in general, are friendly and may expect the same approach from you. Basically, when Lebanese meet one another, we greet each other with welcoming words (See the “When” section). People who want to learn Arabic always face the dilemma of which form of Arabic to learn. Placing your right hand on your heart is a warm way to greet someone Although Arabs love to express their greetings loudly, sometimes all that is needed is a warm smile and a touch to the heart. This is an informal way of greeting people in Arabic. Used when consoling someone on the death of someone close to them Our thoughts are with you and your family at this most difficult time of loss. In Germanos’ study, a significant majority of those who used the Islamic greeting were men (p. 158). Greetings & Goodbyes. Ahlan wa sahlan" "أَهْلاً وَسَهْلاً" is hello, if you greet a good friend, you will stand greet them and air kiss their cheeks. Learn how to greet someone and introduce yourself in Arabic language. And across that huge geographic area there is a lot of variation. Arabic is one of the world’s major languages, spoken throughout North Africa, much of the Middle East, and beyond. Properly greeting people is polite, so knowing when to use each greeting is very important. Salamo Alaykom – “Peace be Upon You” Salamo Alaykom was the traditional Arabic greeting that was practised when Islam first started spreading. قلبنا معكم ومع عائلتكم بما ألم بكم من محنة في هذا الوقت الصعب. However, because of the conservative nature in many Arabic-speaking countries it is considered rude for men and women to greet each other in public. For more, consider checking out this course on how to read and write the Arabic language. Ahlan is a more casual way of saying ahlan va sahlan. 2 – Walaikum assalam / Wa 'alaykum salaam – This is the response to the phrase above.

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