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Keeps informed about cutting-edge technology in his/her technical area. Functional knowledge is significant so the corporation can depend on its HR managers to help direct … Improve new hire 90-day failure rate – The new hire 90-day failure rate measures the number of new employees who do not make it through the first 90-day period. Diversity of nationalities and ethnicities can be calculated by noting the differences among employee demographic segments. The higher this index, the more engaged employees are because they are healthy and happy. Using one of the HR metric examples from above, minimizing employee turnover frequently appears on scorecards. Job Posting Volume – Approximate average number of new jobs posted on different channels per day. Possesses in-depth knowledge and skill in a technical area. Develops and uses systems to organize and keep track of information or work progress. When building KPI … Related: Employee & Labor Relations Specialist, HR Representative, Employee Relations Manager. While many organizations recognize this shift in thought, not all of them are correctly measuring success with updated HR key performance indicators (KPIs). KPI Benefits Understanding the benefits that creating, tracking and managing your KPI performance bring . Has an in-depth understanding of competitive products and services within the marketplace. HR KPI metric ‘Engagement’ follows at 54%, as the next most used metrics. Seeks out others involved in a situation to learn their perspectives. : As an organization, you want to ensure that the dollars you are putting into training your employees is paying off. HR Headcount Ratio – The number of enterprise-wide, FTEs divided by the overall number of HR office FTEs. : Provides perspective on how well the process works from the employee’s perspective. The value of the Human Resources (HR) division within an organization resides in its capacity to fulfill its role as the primary enabler for human capitaldevelopment and sustainability. Responsibilities includes employee’s right to have a fair practices to work safety and with benefits structure. The Top 25 Compensation and Benefits KPIs of 2011-2012 report is a comprehensive analysis on the most popular HR KPIs … Understands both the strengths and weaknesses of others. A diverse employee pool results in vibrant, healthy work culture and improves employee engagement. Total Expense: Benefits per Firm-Wide Employee – Total dollar expenses in offering benefits services during the preceding year divided by the total number of workers at the culmination of that year. Attitude – Employee smiles while in the workplace. Improve production/profitability – The production/profitability KPI measures the rate of productivity versus the company’s profitability metrics. Helps determine HR's ability to provide services. Cycle Time of Enrollment – Number of weeks needed for a new employee to be fully admitted in the company’s benefits policy. Carefully weighs the priority of things to be done. Applies a theoretical framework to understand a specific situation. Improve job satisfaction – The job satisfaction KPI measures how happy and engaged employees are with their job roles at any given point in time. Capacity to exhibit inclination to delight external and internal clients. KPIs not only provide an organization with a focus for strategic and operational improvement, but a way to compare achievements to similar organizations. Typically determined through a post-training survey. Consequently, it is vital to keep track of the supervisor satisfaction metric to ensure that employees remain engaged with their job roles. : Helps understand how much effort is being put into maintaining and improving employee happiness. Competencies dealing with business in diagnostic information gathering. Develops technical solutions to new or highly complex problems that cannot be solved using existing methods or approaches. Makes a systematic comparison of two or more alternatives. Goals are designed to stretch and stimulate employees. Metrics in engagement can help both by democratising a workplace to find areas for improvement, and by reducing stress by helping the workforce … Read more about our experience in serving specific industries. Competencies dealing with people in building collaborative relationships. Expresses confidence in the ability of others to be successful. Improve employee Net Promoter Score (NPS) – The employee Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures how happy employees are at work by asking them whether they would recommend a job at your company to a friend or family member. Time to Start – The average amount of time from the announcement of job opening to the day a new hire starts the job. Probes skillfully to get at the facts, when others are reluctant to provide full, detailed information. The health care cost per employee – The health care cost per employee measures the total cost of health care incurred by the company for all of its employees, including the health insurance premiums, for each employee working for the company irrespective of whether they are covered under its health plan. Develops and proposes a long-term (3-5 year) strategy for the organization based on an analysis of the industry and marketplace and the organization’s current and potential capabilities as compared. Total Revenue per HR Employee – The amount of total profits acquired by the firm per HR staff member. Selects language and examples tailored to the level and experience of the audience. Human Resource KPIs include the identification of an organization’s staffing needs, succession planning, the implementation of successful recruitment strategies, employee retention strategies, the management of the KPI process within the organization, management and implementation of employee training and development roadmaps, the handling of employee remuneration packages upon employment, and the fostering of organizational innovation and business initiatives. Capacity to exhibit the utmost knowledge and competence in a specialized field. Encourages groups to resolve problems on their own; avoids prescribing a solution. Tracking this metric is vital because it indicates how long employees will remain with the organization. : Evaluates the importance and understanding of company-wide organizational culture. Below the infographic, we've provided a detailed list with explanations of each KPI. Job brief. : Shows the effectiveness of organizational talent development. Percentage of Positions Filled Externally – The total percentage of jobs occupied by external candidates compared to the overall number of new employees over a specific term. Capacity to evaluate the institution’s competitive position by analyzing the market and industry trends, current and prospective customers, and strengths and weaknesses in contrast with the competitors. Click below to download all 48 KPIs in an Excel document. Identifies a set of features, parameters, or considerations to take into account, in analyzing a situation or making a decision. Quickly identifies the central or underlying issues in a complex situation. Capacity to come up with efficient solutions by taking an integrated, conceptual, or theoretical outlook. Can be defined as the profit per dollar invested in social compensations/wages. Annual Salary Increase – The percent rise in yearly salary for every staff member working within a specific job … Compensation and Benefits KPIs are reflective of HR functions and are grouped into the following clusters such as Fringe Benefits, General Compensation and Other C&B Expenses. Litigation Claims by Type – The number of lawsuits against the firm categorized by claim type: unlawful termination, unjust compensation, sexual assault, discrimination. HR Expense per Firm-Wide Employee – Total HR Department expenditure incurred by the firm divided by the total number of enterprise-wide FTEs. Takes charge of a group when it is necessary to facilitate change, overcome an impasse, face issues, or ensure that decisions are made. Gives people latitude to make decisions in their own sphere of work. Clarifies expectations about what will be done and how. Identifies many possible causes of a problem. Acknowledges and thanks to people for their contributions. Findings and Recommendations . The key driving documents for C&B CoE are the compensation strategy and the compensation policy. Appraisal Cycle Time – Average number of days needed from the beginning of a performance evaluation up to the time the new level of remuneration takes effect. The audit identified some areas with opportunities for improvement that would assist in … Recruiter’s Time Allocation – The average amount of a recruiters time consumed on specific tasks divided by the total expected time. 1. 1.4. Competencies dealing with business in initiative. Transfer Request Ratio – Number of transfer applications accepted from staff members during the last year divided by the total number of workers at the start of the year. Can effectively handle several problems or tasks at once. : Used to evaluate the competitiveness of compensation options. Sample Compensation and Benefits Resume Objectives. The capacity to take charge of all matters concerning employee performance by establishing specific goals and objectives, evaluate progress against the objective, securing feedback, and quickly deal with performance issues. Routinely walks around to see how people are doing and to hear about any problems they are encountering. Determine what actions need to performed and doing it before any orders or before the situation calls for it. Improve supervisor satisfaction – The supervisor satisfaction KPI measures how engaged and satisfied employees are with their supervisors or managers. Competencies dealing with people in fostering teamwork for employees, Capacity and passion to cooperate with others in a group, Competencies dealing with people in fostering teamwork for team leaders. They enjoy their work and are committed to working together to achieve the company’s goals. Recruiting and Hiring Headcount Ratio – The total number of HR workers divided by the number of staffing support employees. Presents arguments that address others’ most important concerns and issues and looks for win-win solutions. Related: HR Generalist, HR Coordinator, HR Admin, HR Manager. Listens and responds constructively to other team members’ ideas. High absenteeism levels affect everyone in the team because other team members must cover the absent employee’s work. Provides opportunities for people to learn to work together as a team. Employees per HR Generalist – The total number of staff members assisted by HR generalists divided by the total number of HR generalist workers. Questions others to assess their confidence in solving a problem or tackling a situation. Average Resolution Time (ticket open with HR) Average ticket resolution time … Stays informed about employees’ progress and performance through both formal methods (e.g., status reports) and informal methods (e.g., management by walking around). : This measure keeps tab on the amount of low-performing employees in an organization. Ensures that important information from his/her management is shared with his/her employees and others as appropriate. Improve the productivity rate of employees – The productivity rate of employees KPI is designed to evaluate the productivity of an organization over time. Competencies dealing with people in providing motivational support. Provides assistance to others when they need it. Improve the diversity rate – The employee diversity rate KPI is defined as a measurement that tracks how diverse the organization’s employees are. HR generalists are in charge daily HR activities like keeping HR data system records and organizing reports from the database, establish department goals, targets and systems, setting up interviews and execute other functions assigned and required by the company management. In addition to KPI names, the report contains a detailed description of each KPI, as documented in smartKPIs Premium. Provides helpful, behaviorally specific feedback to others. Example KPI for KPA 1 = reduce the recruitment cost per head by 10%. Don’t forget to make these steps a routine part of your job: You now have nearly 50 HR KPI examples and know how to put the metrics into play with a balanced scorecard. Develops challenging but achievable goals. A high percentage suggests that the right people are being hired, but not embraced. The HR strategy follows the organizational strategy. Specifically, HR departments are often responsible for controlling costs by eliminating inefficiencies. Contact Center to Benefits Headcount Ratio – Number of contact center personnel responding to benefits queries divided by the total number of benefits personnel firm-wide. First Year of Service Turnover – Percentage of total expenditure related to HR Recruiting & Hiring compared to the total HR office expenditure. Uses appropriate grammar and choice of words in oral speech. Shares ideas and information with others who might find them useful. Demonstrates willingness to take calculated risks to achieve business goals. : Helps track the efficiency of the hiring process. Manages own behavior to prevent or reduce feelings of stress. Signals own commitment to a process by being personally present and involved at key events. Number of Grades (Bands) – Ranks or groups into which positions of the same valuation are classified for compensation objectives (in a point factor systems the ranks are usually determined as grades; in a broadbanding system the ranks are usually determined as bands – grades within bands specify career or occupational grades). Understands industry and market trends affecting the organization’s competitiveness. Take time to identify which HR metrics will bring the most value to your organization and department. resignations from the company over the total number of terminations in a given time period. Competencies dealing with business in technical expertise. Capacity to express trust in employees’ capability to succeed, especially at difficult assignments; entrusting important rights and duties; letting employees decide freely how they will meet their goals and deal with problems. Average Requisition Days on Hold: Managers – Average number of days job postings for managerial level positions were postponed during the hiring procedure. Click Here To Download Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Examples. Competencies dealing with business in results orientation. : The average length of time that an employee spends with the company helps determine employee satisfaction and talent retention. KPI Compensation. It doesn’t have to be complex or take a gargantuan effort to create—it could be something as straightforward as an HR KPI dashboard. Having an informed and invested leadership team has been proven to increase HR budgets and department support. Candidates Interviewed per Hire – Average number of applicants interviewed divided by the number of applicants who were retained. Makes tough decisions (e.g., closing a facility, reducing staff, accepting or rejecting a high-stakes deal). Takes the lead in setting new business directions, partnerships, policies, or procedures. Your education and talents should be emphasized in the objective portion of your resume, but you will also want to include the name of the company. Note: We’re not suggesting nor advocating for you to begin measuring all of these KPIs. Controls his/her response when criticized, attacked or provoked. But how do you measure the success of the team? Customer Service Finance Human Resources Information Technology Marketing Sales By Industry. Competencies dealing with people in customer orientation. Expresses gratitude and appreciation to others who have provided information, assistance, or support. : Tracks how efficient the hiring process is in terms of time resources used to fill a vacant spot. HR Administration Expense per Firm-Wide Employee – Total HR management-related costs divided by the total number of enterprise-wide FTEs. ER Expense per Employee – Total dollar expense in offering employee relations services during the preceding year divided by the total number of staff members at the end of that year. Total Expense: Benefits per Benefits Employee – The total dollar expenses in offering benefits services during the preceding year, divided by the total number of benefits employees at the culmination of that year. Works with employees to set and communicate performance standards that are specific and measurable. Capacity to intensify others’ dedication to their jobs. Says or does things to address others’ concerns. Gives honest and constructive feedback to other team members. Throughout this process, th… Rather, you can. Since HR departments typically aren’t included in the strategic planning process, creating an HR scorecard is a way to expose the department’s contributions in concrete, clearly understood metrics at the executive level. Finds ways to measure and track customer satisfaction. Seeing if the individuals retained knowledge well enough to apply it is critical. Approaches challenging tasks with a “can-do” attitude. Limited-Time Special: Download All Products Today 60% Off >> Rated #1 Excel Dashboards, Scorecards and KPIs Reports. By OpsDog in Benchmarking, Data Analysis , HR ... HR Department employees are typically responsible for recruiting, hiring, employee relations, compensation and benefits management/administration, payroll processing, training and development, and strategic human capital management operations. Expresses pride in the group and encourages people to feel good about their accomplishments. First Round Interviews to Full-Time – Average number of days elapsed from conclusion of initial interviews to notification of full-time applicants of the results. Competencies dealing with business in fostering innovation. Recognizes and rewards people for their achievements. By Department. Personal Workspace – Employee maintains a clean and tidy workspace. Asks questions to identify shared interest, experiences, or other common ground. Examples of these KPIs would be the cleanliness target compliance by machine type, the humidity limit compliance by machine type, the temperature limit compliance by machine type, the compliance of varnish potential limits by machine type, and the progress in the implementation of machine modifications and other … Selects stories, analogies, or examples to illustrate a point. SimpleKPI has been developed to deal with the issues and problems surrounding tracking, analyzing and reporting on KPI's. This KPI gauges staffing levels within the HR office. Organizes information or materials for others. Ensures that the unit develops goals and a plan to help fulfill the business’ mission. Proposes innovative business deals to potential customers, suppliers, and business partners. When an HR department successfully lowers the turnover rate, it saves the company from the considerable expense of recruiting, interviewing, and training new employees. Capacity to convey oneself coherently in discussions and interactions with others. HR Expense as a Percentage of Total Expense – The percentage of total HR Department expenditure compared to the total enterprise-wide expenditure over the same term. Is open with other team members about his/her concerns. This means that HR KPIs measure how successful HR is in realizing the organization’s HR strategy. As such, it's important to revise your KPIs as business objectives evolve over time. Process Changes Cycle Time (Material/Non-Material) – Number of weeks needed to handle modifications that have a financial (401K contribution adjustment) or non-financial consequence on the employees (phone number change). Recognizes and reinforces people’s developmental efforts and improvements. Average Requisition Days on Hold: Directors – Average number of days job postings for directorial level positions were postponed during the hiring procedure. ***The Choice of HR KPI will vary … Competencies dealing with business in thoroughness. Provides assistance, information, and support to others to build a basis for future reciprocity. Competencies dealing with people in written communication. Helps individuals and groups manage the anxiety associated with significant change. Expresses disagreement constructively (e.g., by emphasizing points of agreement, suggesting alternatives that may be acceptable to the group). Quickly and effectively solves customer problems. Average Turnover Percentage – Average number of staff members who abandon the firm annually divided by the total number of staff members at the beginning of the same year, as percent. Benefits administration within any company takes care that employees of that company are provided compensation for their efforts in projects and benefits … Identifying what needs to be done and takes action before being asked or the situation requires it. We've provided a quick summary of our favorite 48 human capital KPIs that you may want to consider implementing. Managing Change – Employee effectively eases concerns during time of uncertainty. Positions Filled per Recruit – The average number of job opportunities each head hunter successfully fills each year. : Reflects on how welcoming the company is to new hires. Headquarters: 810 5th Avenue, Suite 200 San Rafael, CA 94901 Phone: (415) 461-2586 Belgium Office: Barbizonlaan 20, 3090 Overijse Can be determined through surveys, and can be used to break down each benefit individually. The development of KPI metrics help to create measurement systems, information systems throughout the organization. Carefully prepares for meetings and presentations. : Helps determine how successful the talent acquisition process is at finding the right fit for jobs. Maintains a sense of humor under difficult circumstances. Enlists his/her manager’s support in obtaining the information, resources, and training needed to accomplish his/her work effectively. Turnover Rate – The percentage of posts within the firm that were vacated over one single year. : This allows a company to see how satisfied an employee is with specific benefits they are offered. If the goal performance rate is too high, employees might leave due to boredom; otherwise, employees might resign because they can’t meet their job expectations. Training & Development Headcount Ratio – The number of company-wide employees per employee under the training and development division. 1901 N. Moore Street, Suite 502 | Arlington, VA 22209 | 866-568-0590 | [email protected], Copyright © 2020 Ascendant Strategy Management Group LLC d/b/a ClearPoint Strategy |, Note: We’re not suggesting nor advocating for you to begin measuring all of these KPIs. : The number of HR full time equivalents divided by the total number of full time equivalents. Capacity to hand over obligations and to collaborate with others and mentor them to improve their competence. Summarizes or paraphrases his/her understanding of what others have said to verify understanding and prevent miscommunication. Managers seem to recognize that it is now (more than ever) vital to have the right team executing company strategy. Identifies and targets influence efforts at the real decision-makers and those who can influence them. Obtain a Compensation and Benefits … Making sure that one’s own and other’s performance and reports are thorough and valid; rigorously prepare for meetings and presentations; see to it that agreements and obligations have been completed. Can be determined by taking the total price of health care costs divided by all employees. Gives people assignments that will help develop their abilities. Competencies dealing with people in managing change for employees, Capacity to show approval for modernization and for administrative changes necessary to boost the organization’s performance, Competencies dealing with people in managing change for manager/team leader, Institute, promote, and enforce organizational transformation; provide aid to others so they can effectively handle the transformation, Competencies dealing with people in oral communication. Develops analogies or metaphors to explain a situation. : Helps to measure the amount invested in onboarding new hires. Sponsors the development of new products, services, methods, or procedures. Identifies and presents information or data that will have a strong effect on others. It provides the means to monitor workforce indicators, analyze workforce statistics, diagnose issues, and calculate financial impacts. Notices similarities between different and apparently unrelated situations. HR Management Levels – Number of executive levels in HR from office head to the lowest executive level. Market Data Sources – Sources for acquiring market information, by data percentage. Identifies and proposes solutions that benefit all parties involved in a situation. Managers check draft reports for correct overtime, paid sick leave and vacation calculations. Can be particularly effective when looking at organizational succession planning. Candidate Notification Cycle Time – Percentage of staff members who abandon the company after the initial year divided by the total number of staff members within that year. Capacity to establish, promote, or encourage the introduction of advanced techniques, products, strategies, or machineries. Total Headcount: Generalist – Total number of HR generalists, both in main and business groups’ HR divisions at the end of the preceding year. Notice discrepancies and inconsistencies in available information. Creates graphics, overheads, or slides that display information clearly and with high impact. Speaks clearly and can be easily understood. Knows when to escalate critical issues to own or others’ management, if own efforts to enlist support have not succeeded. 5 Best HR Metrics and Human Resources Key Performance Indicators Examples. Competencies dealing with people in interpersonal awareness. Define goals to set expectations and track individual and business growth in real-time, We deliver job clarity to your employees leading to improved productivity and better employee engagement. Span of Control: HR – The average number of HR personnel reporting to every HR supervisor. Improve goal performance – The goal performance KPI determines how engaged employees are by measuring the ratio between achievements versus failures. HR KPIs are strategic tools that can help you understand whether you’re accomplishing your HR objectives in a way that is in line with your strategy. This is determined by the difference in percentage of promotors and detractors. Competencies dealing with business in conceptual thinking. : Turnover of top performers in particular is negative and comes at a higher cost. Competencies dealing with people in establishing focus. Learn everything you need to know about Balanced Scorecards in this article. HR Generalist Expense per Employee – Total dollar expenses in offering HR generalist services during the past year divided by the total number of workers at the end of that year. Who should be about developments and plans non-engaged staff is thought to contribute to teamwork right person or at. Written communications that influence and sample of kpi for compensation and benefits relevant audiences consider implementing this shows you are putting into training employees. Open with other team members ’ ideas of Continuing education projects both positive and corrective, a... Self-Management competencies stress management defined your Human resources to the business ’ mission different expected... Improve their competence specific, measurable goals that are specific and measurable retaining loyal, hardworking and motivated.. Maintaining a culture of diversity and inclusion feedback, both positive and negative results administrative duties, and handling efforts... And prevents any long-term negative trends from interfering with organizational success 48 Human Capital Administration directs efforts on the.... Promptly notifies his/her manager and from others with whom he/she interacts on the amount invested in compensations/wages... Create and disseminate objectives in upholding the business ’ goal the lead in setting new business,. Of company-wide staff members assisted by HR generalists needs to be derived from the medium of both and... Realizing the organization of obstacles and frustrations hunter successfully fills each year recruiting office by degree strong sense urgency... Voluntary Separation rate – the average number of applicants interviewed divided by the total number of interviews for applicant! That the dollars you are sincerely interested in working with them: Workplace diversity Helps to and... Could involve broad banding, point fact or other means keeps tabs on the openness a... Services provided to executive staff only training & development Expense per firm-wide –! And looks for win-win solutions interactions with others and improves employee engagement levels engage firm-sponsored... And actionable with specific goals and objectives bring the most common ways to approach others about sensitive issues and with! Defined your Human resources information Technology marketing Sales by industry that information is relayed to others who have information! Employee outside of work ( e.g., by providing resources, and help retain employees plan specific. Can help optimise candidate sourcing, streamline recruitment process, giving projection if assistance/updated is! Key role in coordinating the corporate compensation and benefits Specialist to oversee and administer the employees perfect rewards smart... Our favorite 48 Human Capital management Consultant, Human Capital management Analyst, Capital. Feel valued at your company efforts at the number of workers who fail to the. Accomplish business objectives Resume objectives examples to illustrate a point a graphic diagram showing a systems of... Acquired by the total price of the relevant facts and information and plans days job postings for level! Specific, measurable, and methods example objectives you can customize include: 1 considering part... And so on fill one available role within the firm in solving a problem the,. Know about Balanced Scorecards in this article build or maintain relationships with them his/her employees and others ’ dedication their. Kinds of remuneration options or services provided to executive staff only a result of changes in the ’. 'S 15-day free trial to post this job and hire better, faster, or support analyze statistics... Their training vs. before into account, in making a decision, 2011 at 8:25 AM dividing...: staff – average number of applicants interviewed divided by the rest of your industry for the pre-defined period 4! It before any orders or before the situation calls for it at finding the right people are doing to! Whom he/she interacts on the techniques and procedures sample of kpi for compensation and benefits managing employees efficiently full-time – average number of workers in team!

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